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1793 N. J. Militia Project - Essex County
Sponsored by the Plainfield Public Library
Local History and Special Collections
Coordinator, Mary Ellen Rogan

logoBackground: The purpose of the project is to create a genealogical footprint for NJ residents living in Essex Co in the 18th and early 19th century by using the 1793 NJ Militia census. As you know, the 1st US census was in 1790, however, NJ’s has been lost. The state also has no US census for the years 1800 through 1820.  Some fragments exist but none for Essex Co. The first NJ census for this time period is the NJ Militia Census of 1793. The first complete US census for NJ is the census of 1830.

In some states, namely, Maine, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts a project to collect family group data has been started and these are doing a wonderful job of compiling documentation for families of Heads of Households listed in the 1790 census.

Maine – there are 11 complete volumes. They are accepting family sketches for Volume 12. The project is sponsored by the Maine Genealogical Society.

New Hampshire – there is 1 volume to date. This project is through the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists.

Western Massachusetts – there are 2 volumes; volume 1 is available for purchase through NEHGS; volume 2 is available as a database on the American Ancestors website.  This project is sponsored by the New England Genealogical Historic Society. Sample Page.

The New Jersey Project

The Plainfield Public Library is starting a project focusing on residents who are listed in the 1793 Militia Census.  We are going to focus on Essex County to start.  Union County was not formed until 1857 and therefore many of those men listed in the 1793 census in Essex County resided in townships that are now part of Union County. See the names index here. Check out our Essex County Revolutionary War Project, as well!

Instructions for submissions:
Please note: that most of these instructions are taken from the guidelines of the Maine Families in 1790 project.

Each entry should include:
1. Name of person listed in the 1793 militia census

2. Head of Household - name, place and date of birth, parents' names (include documentation for the mother's maiden name), place and date of death, place and date of marriage.

3. Spouse(s) of Head of Household - name, place and date of birth, parents' names (include documentation for the mother's maiden name), place and date of death.

4. Biographical Information on the Family - At least two or three sentences, although longer accounts are acceptable. Information in this section might include occupations, places of residences, civil or military service, persons mentioned in probate or land records, discussion of research problems, and anything else of particular interest regarding the family.  Through the data supplied for each person listed, it is hoped that we will obtain a 3 generational sketch of each family.

5. List of Children - with dates and places of birth, death and marriage; names of spouses with their dates and places of birth and death and names of parents (including documentation for the mothers' maiden names).

It is recognized that all the facts listed above will not be found for every family. However, a conscientious effort should be made to locate as much of this information as is available in original (particularly deeds, probates and town vital records) and reliable published sources for the area and family in question.

Every fact must be cited to the source where the information is found. Primary sources should be sought wherever possible. Citations to primary sources should include the repository where the record was found, volume/page numbers, record numbers or file numbers as applicable. A manuscript or typescript source should state the repository where it is found and should be cited exactly as given in the card catalog including author, date, and page number. Published sources should include the author, the exact name of the book, date of publication, and page number. Please include photocopies of your sources with your submissions. 

Data should include the name and city of the entry author.

Contact the Local History Department for further details.


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