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Plainfield Area Cemeteries

The following information has been gathered through multiple imperfect resources. Any readers who are aware of supplementary or contradictory details are invited to contact the Local History Department so that corrections and updates can be made. Contact the Local History Department for assistance in accessing records or more information about these cemeteries. The department can be reached by email at localhistory[@] or by phone at (908) 757-1111 x136. See our list of Plainfield Area Funeral Homes.

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to view helpful details about where to locate the related cemetery records.

Name Location Contact Owner Start End
Baptist Burial Ground Plainfield Ave. (908) 756-5322 churchofficefpbc[@] First Park Baptist Church 1850 unknown
Baptist Burial Ground, Old West Second St.   First Baptist Church 1819 1850
Brith Abraham Bnai Zion Cemetery 1524 New Market Ave., South Plainfield administered by Sanford B. Epstein, Inc. (908) 245-7100 once, I. O. Brith Abraham in Plainfield 1911 current
Brook Avenue Cemetery Chatham St., North Plainfield (908) 756-2666 upcplainfield525[@] United Presbyterian Church in Plainfield 1839 [2000]
Children of Israel Cemetery New Market Ave., South Plainfield administered by Sanford B. Epstein, Inc. (908) 245-7100 once, Congregation Children of Israel in Plainfield; later, United Orthodox Synagogue 1909 current
Cole Family Burial Ground back from E. Front St., near Terrill Rd.   once, the Cole Family by 1806 unknown
Evergreen Cemetery Plainfield Ave. see Baptist & Methodist Burial Grounds or Plainfield City Plot      
Hebrew Cemetery New Market Ave., South Plainfield        
Hillside Cemetery 1401 Woodland Ave., Scotch Plains
See map in Dunham Atlas, plate 12 (last page)
(908) 756-1729 hillsidecemetery[@] Hillside Cemetery Assoc. 1886* current
Hillside Cemetery at Samptown 1400 New Market Ave., South Plainfield (908) 753-2382 mail[@] First Baptist Church of South Plainfield 1690 current
Holy Redeemer Cemetery 1734 Clinton Ave., South Plainfield (908) 822-5892 shcemetery[@] Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart 1919 current
Laing Family Burial Ground Park Ave., South Plainfield   once, the Laing Family [1684] unknown
Marsalis Family Burial Ground vicinity of Rock Ave.  & Front St.   once, the Marsalis Family unknown unknown
Methodist Episcopal Burial Ground Plainfield Ave. (908) 756-2684 once, First Methodist Church; later, Methodist Covenant Church 1864 current
Monumental Cemetery  early name for the Methodist Cemetery   See Methodist Cemetery      
O'Havey Zedek V'Sholom Cemetery New Market Ave., South Plainfield administered by Sanford B. Epstein, Inc. (908) 245-7100 once, Congregation O'Havey Zedek V'Sholom in Plainfield; later, United Orthodox Synagogue unknown unknown
Plainfield City Plots Plainfield Ave.   City of Plainfield unknown unknown
Pound Family Burial Ground Rock Ave.   once, the Pound Family unknown unknown
Presbyterian Cemetery   see Brook Avenue Cemetery      
Quaker Graveyard Watchung Ave., behind the Meeting House Rahway and Plainfield Friends Meeting 1788 current
Quaker Graveyard, earlier vicinity of Plainfield Country Club, Edison   once, Rahway and Plainfield Friends Meeting [1736] 1788
Revolutionary War casualties burials unknown casualties from the Battle of Short Hills are said to be buried in the area, but with no reliable or clear details   1777 1777
St. Mary's Cemetery 308 Berckman St. (908) 756-0085 stmarysplainfield[@] St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church [1872] current
Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery West Ninth St. (908) 791-5545 joeystthomas[@] once, the Seventh Day Baptist Church unknown 1903
Smock Farm Burials vicinity of Rock Ave., north of W. Front St.   once, individual families unknown unknown
Spencer Farm Cemetery Stirling Rd., Watchung   once, the Spencer family unknown unknown
Stelle Farm Burials Stelle Ave.   once, the Stelle family unknown unknown
Vermeule Family Burial Ground Greenbrook Rd., behind Vermeule Mansion, North Plainfield   once, the Vermeule family unknown unknown
*there are deaths that predate 1886, as a number of bodies were moved here from other cemeteries.



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