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Early Plainfield Newspapers

The Local History Department holds a selection of early Plainfield and New Jersey newspapers.
We are happy to be able to make these important historical resources available online to the public.
To view the PDFs, please download Adobe Reader

Evening News

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Central New Jersey Times, 1868-1880

The Constitutionalist, 1868-1911

Mid-State Press, May 1928

The North Plainfield Weekly Review, 1903

The Plainfield Courier, 1891-1894

(Plainfield) Daily Press, 1887-1916

(Plainfield) Evening News, 1884-1894

The Plainfield Gazette, 1848-1851

Plainfield Record, 1916-1918

Plainfield Union, 1837-1852

The Suburbanite, 1903-1909
Monthly Magazine
View magazine index 1904-1912

The Voice, 1972-1974
Earlier issues 1969 to 1972 (with gaps) available in hard copy


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