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Student Success Stories - Literacy Program

BERTA:  One week after passing the GED, she was accepted into a culinary arts program! Now she’s building a new career AND has returned to us as a tutor!

YVONNE was already well-versed in hardware, but learning software  and applications made her a ‘double-threat!’ She recently accepted a Technical Support job!

TARA:  At first she could barely change a font in Word, but now she manages budgets using formulas in Excel.

DEBORAH barely knew how to click a mouse but now readily fills out online forms

FERNANDO started ESL with 3 goals:  get a promotion, buy a house and become a citizen.  Two years after entering our program, he accomplished all three!

MARIA:  After less than a year with us, she became a citizen and began attending Union County College.  When her husband’s health declined, she was able to actively represent him with doctors and insurers.

VIOLET had to start with the most basic ABC’s but quickly progressed to studying for and passing the citizenship exam!

MARRIAMA had never attended any school anywhere and had never even held a pen before!  Recently she was able to complete the written portion of the driver’s exam and get her license!

MARIA:  Originally, her weak English made her goal of becoming a radiologist very distant.  Two years later she has passed 3 job-related aptitude tests, logged 40 hours of hands-on student practice and is on track for official certification.

NANCY:  Already computer savvy, she improved her skills by taking the advanced IT Academy courses on Windows Server Administration.  These will help her prepare for the exam to become a valued Cisco Certified Networks Associate (CCNA).


Name School Attending Major
Carlotta A. Raritan Valley College Open Major
Dhesi B. Middlesex County College Pharmaceutical Studies
Tanny C. Union County College Medical Billing
Bertha C. Culinary Arts Institute Professional Catering
Vincent C. Raritan Valley College Accounting
Margarita D. Union County College Nursing
Maria F. Union County College Business
Grace P. Union County College Nursing

Henshaw E.

Dioni L. TBD TBD
Nigel H. TBD TBD
Patricia M. TBD TBD
Marta P. TBD TBD
Larry R. TBD TBD
Edwin R. TBD TBD
Ricky S. TBD TBD
Justin S. TBD TBD
Blondell B. TBD TBD
Kathleen R. TBD TBD
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