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First Presbyterian Church
East Front Street

The First Presbyterian Church was organized on July 10, 1825, and was the fourth church to be established in Plainfield. The cornerstone of the first church building was laid later that year, and the building completed in 1827.  By 1855, the structure was too small, so it was divided and moved, and a new brick church was built. Photographs of the 1855 structure are very rare, and the Library does not have one in our collection.  In 1888, a new church was erected.  Years later, in 1952, the church sold the property and made plans to finance the building of a new structure on East Front Street, on what was known as the Meade Estate. It was completed in 1955. The old property became the location of Bamberger's Department Store, at the northwest corner of East Front Street and Roosevelt Avenue, in 1954.




First Presbyterian Church
Circa 1920s
Paul R. Collier, Photographer


Union County Sunday School Meeting Program
First Presbyterian Church, 1891



Aerial View of First Presbyterian Church
Circa 1952

Unknown Photographer


First Presbyterian Church
Postmark 1910

Vintage Postcard



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