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Temple Baptist Church
(321/ 327 / 355) East Third Street near Richmond Street

Temple Baptist began as a mission, under the direction of the Young People’s Society of the First Baptist Church. In the summer of 1891, members met in a tent on East Third Street between Richmond Street and Roosevelt Avenue. That winter, they rented a house near the tent site. On June 5, 1897, the mission moved into its own structure, which later became the First Italian Presbyterian Church, on East Third Street.  The organization became known as the East Third Street Chapel of the First Baptist Church. The chapel remained a mission until December 30, 1908, when it was reorganized and emerged as the independent Temple Baptist Church. In 1924, the church sold its house to the Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church to be used as an Italian mission, and purchased the site on the corner of Norwood and Manning Avenues in North Plainfield. Interim services were held in a portable chapel and the Seventh Day Baptist Church. The first services in the new structure were held on July 7, 1929.  In 1936, the church became the Hydewood Park Baptist Church.



Temple Baptist Church
Circa 1920s
Paul R. Collier, Photographer



Temple Sholom
815 West Seventh Street

On November 3, 1913, Judge William Newcorn called a meeting in his chambers for the purpose of "discussing the organization of a Reform temple in Plainfield."  Ten days later the congregation of Temple Sholom was formally organized and incorporated with 22 charter members. The new congregation leased a small building on Grove Street in North Plainfield. The building is still in use housing the Community Baptist Church.  In 1927, it moved to the West Seventh Street location.  By 1957, the available Temple facilities had become too small for High Holy Day services. On October 15, 1957 the Board of Trustees decided to build a new sanctuary and social hall, which were dedicated in November, 1961.  The first Friday night service in the new sanctuary was held on March 24, 1961. In 2002, Temple Sholom moved to Scotch Plains.  It is currently located at 74 South Martine Avenue in Fanwood.



Confirmation Class of Temple Sholom
Circa 1920s-1940s
Unknown Photographer

Carol A Gilbert's Confirmation Certificate, 1960




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